Jordan’s Journey: The big day

Written by: Jordan Spence

I wasn’t nervous all week, up until the hairdresser placed the last bobby pins into my hair. I was calm, collected and clear until that moment and I said to my the hairdresser, “OK, starting to freak out a little now.”

I took a few deep breaths talked with my sister, Arielle, and somehow calmed down (maybe it was the wine?)

Before the wedding my Mom gave me a piece of advice and I would suggest every bride take it as well. She told me if at all possible, carve out some alone time the day of the wedding. She added to go do something you prefer to do alone, this helps you to reflect and relax before the whirlwind begins. I spent the evening of my wedding night at my hotel room alone, and steamed my dress. I woke up early the next morning to grab breakfast at Dripworks (a cafe in Petoskey). It was just what I needed.

The days that lead up to your wedding is when you should accept as much help as possible. This is not the time to do everything yourself. Which is why I’m thankful for my family and my friend, Amanda Horvarter, who offered to be the day of wedding coordinator. She was there to help organize all the little things — which can easily stress a person out — and helped to keep my sanity.

There are moments through out the day where it’s important to not let the excitement rush you. One of these times is when Dave Bell drove my father and me to the ceremony in his 1934 Packard. We took our time and even drove a few loops through downtown. My Dad loved it, and it allowed us a few moments alone before he gave me away.

We were so happy to have Gayle Gennett officiate our ceremony. She was recommended by our photographer and she helped guide us through everything and created a personal, spiritual ceremony. We wrote our own vows and decided to do a Celtic hand-fasting ceremony. The ceremony involves the couple holding hands as the pastor knots ribbons around their clasped hands while a blessing is recited.

Nelson and I agreed one of the best decisions we made was to incorporate family in different ways. All of our attendants were family members. Our ceremony music was played by my cousin, and Nelson’s brother wrote our first dance song, and the mother-son dance song. When you include family, I think it makes the memories more meaningful and the wedding — especially if you have a large one — more personal.

The person to capture these personal moments was photographer (and co-worker) G. Randall Goss. Since we knew him so well it helped keep us at ease. His knowledge and background with photography produced some beautiful images we will cherish.

Another way we made the event more personal was our entrance to the reception. Nelson is a big fan of the WWE, so the ushers and attendants each entered the reception to a different famous wrestler’s theme song. Nelson even made shirts for them to wear and created a special outfit for himself. Our DJ, Brett Cummins of Motor City HDJ, helped make it what Nelson envisioned.

Our food was also a big hit with our guests. We created the menu with Jamee Fry, director of food service and conference center at North Central Michigan College. My favorite food is macaroni and cheese, so she created a topping bar for the dish that included bacon, caramelized onions, creamed spinach and buffalo chicken. The only regret I had from the night is not grabbing a second plate of the food.

I would recommend when little things don’t go as planned — we forgot the garter and the forecast called for thunderstorms all day— try and stay calm. Because, in the end everything will be fine — we made a spare garter out of ribbon and it only rained in the morning.

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day together and to share with our family and friends. Take little moments to bask in the happiness and joy of the day.

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